November 5, 2002 Exit Poll

[photograph of Maryland and U.S.

CSLI is hosting the results of a class exit poll project in Dr. Nataf's PLS 111 (Intro to American Government) course.  Basic facts about this poll include:

  • It was carried out by students and Dr Nataf at seven precincts within Anne Arundel County, Maryland: Crofton, Annapolis, Rivera Beach, Glen Burnie, Severn, Odenton and Severna Park

  • It included 236 cases.

  • The poll was weighted to correspond to the results of the Erhlich/Townsend race as the best means for approximating true population values for the other variables included.

  • There is one PDF (Adobe format) file, which appears in reverse order (that is, page 2 is first, page 1 is second).  Print it out for easier viewing.  It only includes the calculated percentages, which are placed close to each answer category within the questionnaire.  Click here for that file.

  • A more detailed breakdown by candidates which compares Townsend/Erhlich as well as Owens/Bissett is also available by clicking here.

  • While the results are thought to accurately reflect sentiments found among the local electorate as it existed Nov. 5, use the findings at your own risk!