Center for the Study of Local Issues

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Student Employment Opportunities

For 2011-2012, CSLI will offer two paid internship opportunities for students.  The goal of these internships is to provide students with direct exposure to all the aspects of CSLI's activities.  Working under the supervision of the Center's director (Dr. Dan Nataf) and staff (Christine Scanlon) students are expected to participate, as time allows, in the following:

Preparation, administration and analysis of CSLI's semi-annual telephone survey

Preparation, administration and analysis of CSLI's web panel surveys

Attendance and participation in CSLI's board activities

CSLI public presentations

CSLI client appointments

CSLI club meetings as assigned; they are also expected to be club officers

Other research-related duties as assigned

Benefits: You will learn how a research center operates!  You will be trained in various aspects of survey administration and design, great for social science and business/marketing.  You will learn how to use the statistical program used everywhere - SPSS.  This job experience will look great on your resume!  Flexible times, right here on campus...

Hours: 5 hours per week on average.  Scheduling is flexible and may include more hours some weeks (for example during CSLI major surveys) than others.  There may be late afternoon and evening meetings on occasion (for example, CSLI board meetings start a 5:00 p.m.; CSLI public presentations may be in the evenings).  Staff meetings will be held a minimum of once a week during the early afternoon.

Pay: $10 per hour, eligibility for CSLI scholarship for  students returning next year.  Naturally a successful internship will result in a positive letter of recommendation for future employment or application to a four-year university.


The most important qualification is an interest in the mission and activities of CSLI. 

An ideal applicant will have taken courses in the social sciences and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 at AACC (high school transcript may be needed if insufficient course work at AACC is available).  Must be flexible regarding work hours.  Must be team-oriented and have a positive attitude towards contributing to the success of the center.  Should have some familiarity working with Microsoft Office software.  Training will be provided for other software and duties.  Letters of recommendation are encouraged but not required.  Interested students should submit a letter of interest, resume, high school/college transcript and any available letter(s) of recommendations.   Either submit materials directly to the CSLI office (Careers 132) or via email to

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