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The Center for the Study of Local Issues Student Club offers students the opportunity to go beyond classroom study.  Utilizing the resources of AACC's Center for the Study of Local Issues (CSLI), the club can help organize candidate forums, campus debates, field trips, "meet the faculty" get-togethers, invite speakers, conduct student and public surveys, learn about client-related activities conducted by CSLI and attend meetings of the CSLI Advisory Board.

Members can engage in other activities that include service projects, social events, field trips, guest speakers and more (click "Activities" in left frame).

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to become members.  Those in political science, sociology, economics, law and statistics or business courses may find the CSLI-related focus on public policy, public opinion, and the political process especially attractive.

 Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the CSLI Student Club is to increase interaction among students, faculty, and staff at Anne Arundel Community College as well as members of the local community.  It is guided by the philosophy that student engagement heightens civic awareness and readies student for leadership roles in society.  The Club provides opportunities for experiential learning to foster a more knowledgeable student and citizen.  The Club's mission is consistent with that of Anne Arundel Community College which identifies itself as "a premier learning community whose students and graduates are among the best prepared citizens and workers in the world."

 Officers -  2008-2009

President: vacant

Vice President: Julie Boudreaux

Treasurer: Sarah Storch/Hasan Touma

Secretary: Erika Bowman

Administrative assistance: Chris Scanlon, (410) 777-2407

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dan Nataf (410) 777-2733

The CSLI main office is located in Careers, Room 132

 (see for more information about CSLI.


since 9-24-07